About Baby Book Club

Monthly Book Subscriptions for Newborns and Toddlers…

It’s never too early to introduce your baby to the world of imagination. Beautifully illustrated picture books and heartwarming tales are a great, fun way to help them begin to understand the world around them.  At Baby Book Club we absolutely love books.  Storytime is one of the best opportunities for parents to bond with their children, and for us it has always been the most magical time of the day.

And we want to pass that magic on to you…

Baby Book Club is a monthly subscription service, hand choosing and delivering three books a month for you and your baby to enjoy.  Our aim is to provide you with a beautiful collection of picture books that can be enjoyed by babies and their parents, from newborn to toddler age.  We offer a convenient service, curating the very best books for introducing your baby to new worlds, ideas and language.  We can’t wait to join you on your first literary journey together…

The Benefits of Baby Books

Bonding with your child

Cuddling up together with a book is special no matter how old your child, but can form a cosy bonding session especially with younger children and babies. Read to or with them, see how they interact and enjoy opening their mind to whole new worlds.

Promoting Language Skills

Reading aloud to your children from an early age can introduce them to new sounds and words, developing their vocabulary as well as their listening and communication skills.

Introducing Visual Concepts

Bright, colourful picture books are perfect for engaging our baby’s senses, introducing them to different colours, shapes and sometimes textures.

Understanding the concept of emotions

Many baby books introduce complex emotional concepts into their stories. These can help children to understand love, friendship, happiness, sadness, fear and achievement, to name a few.

Establishing a bedtime routine

Many families choose to include a story as part of their bedtime routine, allowing time to relax and be calm before visiting the land of nod.

It's fun!

From fantastical tales to colourful interactive books, reading together is lots of fun for both baby and parent. They get to discover new sounds, concepts, worlds and ideas, whilst you get to enjoy their sense of wonder and growing understanding! Plus, the stories can be pretty fun too!

Inspired by Family - Curated with Care

Baby Book Club was born of our family’s love of story time. Every book we hand pick goes through a rigorous testing process… by the latest addition to the family, our 5 month old daughter. All of our books come with her esteemed seal of approval!

About Our Books

We hand select your books every month, so the titles you see featured on the website may not be the exact titles you receive in your box, but these give a taste of the kinds of wonderful books you can expect. When it comes to choosing the perfect books for your monthly box, we look for the following…


We look for quality books with beautiful illustrations that will engage you and your baby.


We aim to bring you a range a books over the course of your subscription so your baby’s first library will be rich and varied.


We find books that have engaging, heart warming, silly and imaginative stories that are fun for you both to read and enjoy together.

Ready to Join?

Our next shipment date will be 30th December. Sign up by 19th December to make sure your Baby Book Club box is included.