Every month our subscription boxes follow a different theme, and this month we’re exploring Wishes & Dreams.  We all have hopes and wishes for our children and April’s books were all about encouraging our little ones to widen their imaginations, and dream big dreams.

We’ve handpicked three quite different picture books this month showing our little ones that dreaming can be fun, and introducing our babies to poetry with some heartfelt wishes of our own.

Books in the box this month:

  • Little Froggie’s Big Wish – a short and simple story with a big idea
  • Sweet Dreams – a delightful bedtime adventure
  • Wishes for You – a poem from the heart of every parent

Little Froggie’s Big Wish

In just a few short colourful pages we learn one of life’s very important lessons – : what we think we want and all we actually need can be two very different things.  Little Froggie dreams up lots of exciting magical things that he could wish for, but in the end he realises that all he really needs has been right in front of him all along.

Sweet Dreams

We’ve all been there trying to lull our little ones to sleep and Big Zig and Little Zig are no exception.  This book is a great bedtime read, filling the imagination with wonderful worlds to help your children merrily drift off to dreamland.

Wishes for You

A touching poem brought to life with delicate illustrations, Wishes for You captures the hopes and dreams that we all have for our children, told in the most enchanting way.

Which was your favourite book this month?  We’d love to hear your thoughts on our choices and this month’s theme, so join the conversation and share your #unboxing on Twitter @BabyBookClubUK