If Old Macdonald taught us anything it was that the farm is a wonderful hub for the senses.  So many exciting new sounds, sights and *ahem* smells for our little ones to discover.  So what better setting to get their little imaginations whirring.

This month we’ve been looking at books that really paint a picture of life on the farm.  We’ve chosen books with fun sounds that depict the hullabaloo of farmyard animals, and stories that show the mischief they can get up to!

Books in the box this month

  • Down by the Cool of the Pool – a fun and chaotic farmyard rhyme
  • Fergus and Marigold – a light tale about mischief of farm life
  • Hoppity Skip Little Chick – an energetic introduction to some farmyard favourites

Down by the Cool of the Pool

Embrace the chaos of the farm!  There’s nothing quite like all the noises of the farm coming together into one big rhyme.  Your little ones will enjoy mimicking the sounds and listening to the steady rhyme throughout this fun book.

Fergus and Marigold

With beautiful soft illustrations, this book takes us through a day in farm life as a mischievous little cat causes havoc amongst the animals.  A light read with lovable characters.

Hoppity Skip Little Chick

We love following little Chick as he encounters a handful of those most popular farmyard friends.  The bold and colourful illustrations are engaging whilst Little Chick’s antics prove lots of fun.


Which was your favourite book this month?  We’d love to hear what your thought of this month’s farmyard theme.  Tell us in the comments below or join the conversation on Twitter @BabyBookClubUK